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Over the years we've provided content for some of the biggest names in the health-and-fitness publishing world. Stuff we've created has been featured on the radio, TV, web, and in books and magazines.


  • Awaken the Dead with Our Lively Style

    We work alongside some of the industry’s most creative writers and editors at the world’s top health-and-fitness magazines.


  • Easy-going Perfectionists

    Do you need a seasoned editorial director to conceptualize and manage your large-scale custom content? We’ll round-up and write product, apparel, and gear projects on deadline. Want to connect with your target audience? Let us conceive and execute performance-driven advertorial inserts and promotional booklets.


  • Experienced Service Journalism

    Ready to transition from print to new media? We’ll deliver the same first-rate quality we’re known for in magazines and books. Allow us to ideate and maintain your digital content calendar for short-lead stories and long-term content packages and projects. Our content meets your performance metrics.

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  • New Endeavors in Traditional and Digital Publishing

    Put our entrepreneurial instincts to work for you. We manage an ongoing e-book program and create complex and enhanced digital products. Let us manage your digital publishing. We’ll handle editorial, design, and marketing.

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  • Unscripted, Character-driven Programming

    We create unique formats, around fun characters, that showcase entertaining and informative stories.